Photo Booths

We offer three photo booth options to choose from, as well as countless customizations. We offer full custom branding, custom props, as well as many theme options. Reach out to our event experts today and let us make your dreams a reality!


Social Booth

This is our all-digital photo booth packed full of digital props and animated overlays. It's slim, sleek design allows it to fit well into any size space. Guests will receive their photos, GIFs, and videos via text or email.

Starting at $395

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Green Screen Booth

We combine all the amazing features of our social booth with an 8-foot green screen and the possibilites become endless. This option is great for themed events. Transport your guests to a beautiful beach, the fabulous Las Vegas strip, or smack-dab in front of the Eiffel Tower!

Starting at $595


Guests can't miss our 10-foot tall glow booth. This booth not only draws people to it, but it offers privacy for your guests while taking their photos. With several color options available, this is sure to be the talk of your event!

Glow Booth


3D Immersive Photo Booth Experience

Let us transform your venue into an amazing 3D photo booth experience that compleatly changes the look of your venue and takes your guests on a magical experience. 

Starting at $1,999

Starting at $595